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About the Association

ASSOCIATION FOR TRANSPORT, FREIGHT FORWARDING AND LOGISTICS ORGANIZATIONS IN UKRAINE «UKRZOVNISHTRANS» is a voluntary association of legal entities - members of the Association operating in the field of freight and passenger traffic by all types of transport, forwarding, logistics, infrastructure, tourism, customs and related services are provided by participants of the supply chain for the continuous coordination of their economic activities, as well as the protection of their rights and freedoms, research, satisfaction of professional, society, in particular economic, social, scientific, educational, cultural, environmental and other interests.

The association is a legal entity registered in Ukraine.

Founded in 1992 by uniting (as a result of dissolution of USSR) independent regional representatives of All Union Association on Freight Forwarding Service of Foreign Trade Cargo SOYUZVNESHTRANS, one of the largest monopolist in the world at that time in the field of freight forwarding of foreign trade cargo.

One of the most important fields of activity of the ASSOCIATION «UKRZOVNISHTRANS» is improvement of vocational training of international freight forwarders and specialists in the field of transport and logistics and increase of qualification and creation of product meeting the Level and requirements of international standards that provide security of the supply chains and the competitiveness at the world market.