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The documents and forms of FIATA


On April 18, 1994 in Zurich, at the session of the FIATA Board, the ASSOCIATION "UKRZOVNISHTRANS" was admitted to full membership.

For the introduction of FIATA recommendations into the work of the forwarders,  ASSOCIATION "UKRZOVNISHTRANS" signed the License Agreement with FIATA on September 1, 1998, for the right to print and use FIATA documents among members of the association.

In accordance with the requirements of the License Agreement, on August 6, 1998, the Instruction on registration and use of FIATA documents and forms was approved. Having own documents based on uniform standard conditions and recognized by official bodies, such as the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, the freight forwarders of the ASSOCIATION "UKRZOVNISHTRANS" own important tools to improve the image of the freight forwarder's profession.

Today, very satisfactory results have been obtained in the use of FIATA documents, they are requested in calculations, are respected by many national and foreign banks, are well valued in world trade.

FIATA documents regulate the business relationship between the freight forwarder and the cargo owner. The effect of these documents does not apply to the freight forwarders' relations with carriers. The freight forwarder's relations with carriers are regulated by the relevant transport documents provided for by national and international transport conventions, laws, charters and regulations.

The copyright to FIATA shipping documents belongs to the Secretariat. This right FIATA Secretariat can provide its national members with a license agreement. ASSOCIATION "UKRZOVNISHTRANS" as a national member association FIATA received from this federation the permission to print and distribute FIATA documents among its members.

The first forwarding document FIATA began to apply in 1955.

FIATA has created several documents and forms to establish a uniform standard for use by freight forwarders worldwide. The documents are easily distinguishable as each has a distinctive colour and carries the FIATA logo which can be seen at the head of this page.

  • FIATA FCR (Forwarders Certificate of Receipt)
  • FIATA FCT (Forwarders Certificate of Transport)
  • FWR (FIATA Warehouse Receipt)
  • FBL (negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading)
  • FWB (non-negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Waybill)
  • FIATA SDT (Shippers Declaration for the Transport of Dangerous Goods)
  • FIATA SIC (Shippers Intermodal Weight Certificate)
  • FFI (FIATA Forwarding Instructions)

FIATA documents have an excellent reputation and are recognised as documents of tradition and trust. They have greatly contributed in the past to the facilitation of international exchanges and will continue in the future to be valuable instruments in the service of world trade.